Customer Service FAQ's

Q. What is a debit hold?

A. Road Ranger is not responsible for placing or removing debit holds. It is our understanding that the length of the hold depends on the financial institution, and may vary from immediate removal to several days. For example, a customer who purchases $40.00 of fuel may by unaware of a hold placed on his/her funds by their financial institution in the amount of $50 to $125 and make additional purchases without realizing their balance has been lowered by that amount.

Explanation of Debit Hold

Debit holds occur when a customer begins a debit card transaction at a gasoline station.
  1. Prior to fueling, the Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) system submits an electronic verification request to the customer’s financial institution to ensure adequate funds exist to pay for the gasoline.
  2. At that point, the customer’s financial institution may place a hold on the customer’s funds to ensure payment will be made for the fuel, which is standard banking practice.
  3. At the completion of the transaction, the EPOS system submits an electronic verification of the actual sale amount to the customer’s financial institution.
  4. Once the sale is complete, the customer’s financial institution will release the pre-authorization hold amount according to its hold policy.
Road Ranger encourages consumers to contact their financial institution for more specific information on their debit hold policy. For industry articles on the subject please go to the NACS website at and search “Debit Hold for Fuel Purchases”

Q. Why do I only have three minutes to go fuel my car after I pre-pay?

A. This is a precautionary measure against fraud which Road Ranger has set in place for our customers.

Q. While I’m fueling is it okay to sit in my car or to go inside the convenience store?

A. It is unlawful in some states to leave the fueling pump attended. Every gas station customer is unadvised to leave the fuel pump while fueling. Some simple rules to follow while fueling your vehicle:
  • Do NOT leave the nozzle unattended. If the nozzle does not automatically click off, the spillover gas causes a fire hazard. Also, you are responsible to pay for any spillover fuel regardless of the reason.
  • Turn OFF your cell phone. Static electricity forms when your cell phone rings, potentially causing a spark.
  • Do NOT re-enter your vehicle. Static electricity forms from opening your door and travels around the side of the vehicle, potentially causing a spark.

Q. I don’t have a computer to enroll my Ranger Rewards card as a debit card (linking the Ranger Rewards card to my checking account). Can you take my info over the phone?

A. Unfortunately, Road Ranger and National Payment Card Association are unable to take any banking information over the phone to link your checking account to the Ranger Rewards card. This is a security issue and would advise anyone without a computer to use a computer at their local public library. National Payment Card Association does provide a secured link for you to enter your personal information.

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