Road Ranger's Core Values
Three Employees
“We hold dear these values and commit to hold one another accountable to them in attitude and in conduct.”
  1. We conduct ourselves with integrity and respect – we do what we say and we are truthful in saying it.
  2. We have a passion for our business and our customer.
  3. We operate with efficiency, excellence, quality and financial prudence.
  4. We operate with speed, offer value and pursue volume.
  5. We promote and encourage open communication throughout all levels of the company.
  6. We build caring relationships with our fellow employees - creating a culture of loyalty and commitment.
  7. We are accountable for our actions and hold others accountable for theirs – we are a team.
  8. We do what is right, not just what is easy – always with a duty of care for what is best for the company.
  9. We are performance-driven; we measure, rank, promote and recruit for success.
  10. We are retailers; it’s about our stores which are to always look and function as if they just opened yesterday.

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