Get I-PASS and Get Going

Illinois Tollway I-PASS now available at more Road Ranger locations.

Save nearly 50 percent versus paying cash for tolls in Illinois.

Effective 12/1/2015 Road Ranger will offer the following I-PASS services:

- I-PASS pre-loaded transponders for passenger vehicles and for semi tractor-trailers. The transponders cost $32.90, which includes the $10 transponder deposit, $20 in pre-paid tolls and a $2.90 service fee.

- I-PASS $20 Gift Cards

- I-PASS Replacement Transponders*

*Customer must bring in the letter from the Illinois Tollway stating which transponder is being replaced and the transponder itself.

New I-PASS customers will be required to call 1-800-926-6500 to register their vehicle information and to activate the account, or you can activate a new account online at

Road Ranger only accepts cash for I-PASS sales.

I-PASS can be purchased at the following locations:



Hampshire   19 N. 681 U.S. Highway 20
Loves Park   7500 E. Riverside Blvd.
South Beloit   6070 Gardner St.
Rockford   4980 S. Main St.
Rochelle   890 E. Hwy 38

902 N. Elida St.

I-PASS is:
  • Faster – I-PASS saves drivers an estimated 10 minutes per trip and 2 hours of travel time per week.
  • Safer – I-PASS eliminates the challenge of changing lanes to reach the cash lanes at toll plazas.
  • Easier – I-PASS frees customers from worrying about finding exact change or remembering to pay their tolls online.
  • Greener – I-PASS reduces pollution because customers drive non-stop and avoid idling at tollbooths.
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