Ranger Fuels

Ranger FuelsThe wild horse is a magnificent symbol of strength, speed and American freedom. So, it’s no accident that we’ve always measured an engine’s strength in horsepower. But, in today’s increasingly developed world, the wild horse’s freedom and safety are in jeopardy. At Road Ranger, we believe wild horses deserve to run free: not to be captured, penned in, sold for slaughter or euthanized, which all too often is what the Bureau of Land Management has in store for them in the American west.

That's why Road Ranger is the Founding Sponsor of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign. The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign lobbies federal legislators and agencies on behalf of beleaguered wild horses, which cannot represent themselves.

Ranger Fuel GradesWe’ve kept this new commitment to horse freedom in mind in re-naming our fuel grades, as well: Mustang, Stallion and Thoroughbred. But we’ve gone even further; now we’ve made our high quality Road Ranger fuels even better. All Road Ranger fuels are now enhanced with high end Top Tier detergent additives. Top Tier Certified Road Ranger fuels will help your engine run smoother, more efficiently, and longer. In tough economic times, we all want better performance out of our vehicle and Road Ranger is proud and happy to give you just that. Top Tier Gasoline is available at all Road Ranger gas stations and travel centers.

We care about the world we live in, and are committed to help make the world a better place through our support of wild horses. Horses have long been a symbol of the freedom and pioneering spirit of America. We support the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, an advocacy campaign created to protect the freedom and natural lifestyle of America's free-ranging wild horses, which seeks to galvanize grass roots support for wild horses and promote stronger laws to protect these magnificent animals.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign seeks to identify practical solutions for minimally intrusive 'in the wild' management applications for the preservation of viable free roaming horses, and the reclassification of wild horses as a native wildlife/heritage species. To learn more please visit the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign website.