Top Tier Gasoline
Top Tier CertifiedRoad Ranger is proud to be one of the exclusive retailers of Top Tier Detergent Gasoline in the Midwest. All grades of gasoline you purchase from Road Ranger meets or exceeds this premier standard for performance. That’s something you just can’t get from most of our competitors.

What is Top Tier Gasoline?

Top Tier Gasoline is a new class of gasoline with enhanced detergency that exceeds the detergent requirements imposed by the EPA in 1995. Six of the world’s top automakers, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen,  Mercedes-Benz, and Audi recognized the EPA minimum detergent requirements do not go far enough to ensure optimal fuel economy, and engine performance. Since 1995 most gasoline marketers have reduced the concentration level of detergent additives in their gasoline by up to 50% after the EPA imposed detergent requirements.

Why do I need Top Tier Gasoline?

Top Tier Gasoline is designed to protect engines from the build-up of carbon deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. New vehicles will benefit by keeping their engine clean and running optimally, older vehicles benefit with increased engine performance.


  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced rough idle, stalling and surge
  • Improved acceleration
  • Increased engine power
  • Reduced emissions
Road Ranger wants to give its customers the very best quality fuel products and is committed to giving energy for both people and vehicles on-the-go!

Where can I purchase Top Tier Gasoline?

All grades of Ranger Fuels Gasoline meet the TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline standard, and are sold at all of our gas stations and Travel Centers.