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Ranger Rewards

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Pump Start Program 

Pump Start is a free Road Ranger program that allows you to activate the diesel pump without having to come inside our store to prepay. This only applies for our customers who pay with a payment card that is not accepted at the pump.

Most consumer credit/payment cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you pay with a traditional fleet card, you likely do not need the Pump Start feature and should register your card without Pump Start.

If you choose to register with Pump Start, we will require that you enter a valid email address and that you click the confirmation link you receive in your email. We will also require that you fuel at least 500 gallons with your Rewards card before you are enrolled in our Pump Start program. Once you have met both of these requirements, your card will be activated in our Pump Start program and you can begin taking advantage of this time saving benefit at Road Ranger.

Once you have verified your email address and fueled 500 gallons, your card will be able to activate the diesel pump within one business day.

Instead of swiping your payment card at the pump or going to the cash register to prepay, simply swipe your Ranger Rewards card first. Follow the on-screen prompts and then begin fueling. Once you have finished fueling, go inside to pay and retrieve your receipt. You must go inside to pay after fueling. Enrolling in pump start does not make your Rewards card a payment card, it allows you to bypass the requirement to pay before fueling, but you must still pay for your transaction once finished.

To qualify for Road Ranger’s Pump Start benefit, a customer must be a registered Ranger Loyalty Cardholder, provide a valid and verified email address, and purchase at least 500 gallons of diesel fuel on the associated Ranger Loyalty Card in the previous month. Road Ranger reserves the right to cancel a customer’s Pump Start benefit at any time with or without notice. By applying for the ability to activate Pump Start, you acknowledge and agree that you will be responsible for the management of your Pump Start Card and will be responsible for all transactions made using Card, including fraudulent activities until you report fraudulent activity , or lost or stolen cards to Road Ranger. By continuing with enrollment, I acknowledge and understand the aforementioned terms and conditions:

Register for Ranger Rewards with Diesel Pump Start