Tejas Taco Company


Tejas Tacos Featuring Freshly Made Tortillas!


You haven’t had a real taco until you’ve had a Road Ranger Tejas Taco. 

There is sure to be a breakfast, lunch or dinner taco combination to please every taste.


Fresh made-on-site tortillas


Every order starts with warm, made-on-site tortillas, then we add a delicious variety of fresh ingredients. 


Start your Day with a Tejas Breakfast Taco

$2.99 or 2/$5
Rice & Beans just $2.49!
  • Huevos Mexicanos

  • Bacon & Egg 

  • Chorizo & Egg

  • Ham & Egg

  • Sausage & Egg

  • Potato & Chorizo

  • Potato & Egg

  • Papas Rancheros

  • Beans & Chorizo


Fill up for Lunch and Dinner with a Tejas Taco Plate

Tacos $3.69 or 2/$6.49
Taco Plate (any taco plus rice & beans) Just $5.99!
Rice and Beans $2.49
  • Carne Guisada

  • Beef Fajitas 

  • Chicken Fajitas

  • Picadillo

  • Street Tacos

  • Steak Rancheros

  • Carnitas


Road Ranger Locations Serving Warm, Fresh Tejas Tacos